Will they follow our processes? Will my team lose technical ability?

How do we make sure they are 100% sure they are following our processes?

When you make the decision to outsource some of your work, then you have to allow for a learning curve, on both sides. To help your outsourcer follow your processes it always helps to have your processes fully documented in an easy-to-read and understandable format. Our clients have found that when they document their processes they almost always identify ways they can get more efficient with how they do things.
You can’t always guarantee that your outsourcer is 100% following your processes. In the same way, you can’t always guarantee that your staff are following your processes perfectly. (We often find this out when we do some trial jobs for potential new clients!) A good outsourcer will work with your processes AND tell you where they have identified opportunities to improve the quality or efficiency of your processes.

Should I worry that my team will lose the technical ability for the jobs we outsource? Will they want to stay in my practice?

Technology is drastically changing the type of work that an accountant needs to do. For example, if you have client accounts in Xero with a correct trial balance, you can already transfer these to Digita and have your accounts prepared with one click of a button. This shift to technology doing the lion’s share of the compliance work means your team can start to work with clients on the so-called “added value” stuff, such as management accounts and advisory services for your clients. Yes, some of your staff, who like the accounts prep work, may not want to stay when this gets outsourced, but are these the type of staff you want for the long term?

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