5 ways to delight your clients so they send you more business

We all know that existing clients are the absolute key to growing your business. The real question is how exactly to please your existing clients so that they stay with you and automatically send new business your way. This article explores 5 ways to delight your clients so that they can’t help but send more business your way.

1. Communication
We’ve all been on the end of a phone listening to music for a lengthily time or have reached the answering machine of someone we’re trying to get hold of. Annoying isn’t it? If you don’t like it, then what do you think your clients feel if they can’t quickly get hold of you when they want to? Communicating with your clients on a regular basis, will prevent them from feeling neglected. There’s a variety of ways to make this happen. From emails to newsletters and events or even just picking up the phone to say ‘Hi, how’s everything going?’ are all great ways to let your clients know your thinking about them. It is this gentle presence with your clients, which can often be the difference between pleasing your clients and them feeling like you are just a number to them.

2. We’re all human
As the saying goes, ‘people work with people’. It’s all well and good investing money into your business and marketing strategies, but it’s money down the drain if you’re not approachable. To help you become more approachable, think about how you want to communicate more of what makes you “you”, and how clients want to talk about you and your firm. Once you know the answers to this, it’s important to communicate your ideas to your team and make sure they also deliver the right messages to clients. The more approachable you and your team are as a business, the more people you’re likely to get coming through the door.

3. Loyalty goes a long way
Building a loyal team of clients is so important when trying to grow a business. Some so-called gurus may tell you that you need a complicated CRM system. Sometimes it is the simple things that will get your clients recommending you to others. Wouldn’t it be nice if you went for a meeting and someone offered to charge your phone for you whilst you have a meeting? Or you were made a cup of tea accompanied by your favourite biscuits? These are just a couple of easy ideas that you could do for your clients to help make your clients feel really special. What could you do to help make your service to your clients feel just that little bit special? After all, it’s your loyal clients who are often the best referrers.

4. Above & beyond
Just as you are trying to create value for yourself and your business; you also have to create value for others as well. To create great value for your clients you should always aim to go above and beyond expectations. As humans we’ve been programmed to return favours so it makes perfect sense if you go the extra mile for a client, they will want to go the extra mile for you. If you consistently beat your client’s expectations you’ll find that when you need something, such as a video testimonial, a quote and even a referral your clients are going to be a lot more inclined to want to help you.

5. Reduce your client’s pain points.
How do you create value in business? By solving your client’s problems. By identifying your clients’ pain points and helping them to provide solutions for them, you’ll be adding so much more value to your client base than just crunching the numbers. In fact they’ll want to use your services repeatedly.

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