5 unusual but effective ways to find the right new team members without paying a recruitment consultant

1. Stand out from the crowd.

The most common way to advertise for a job is a written job description on a job site. However everyone else will be doing exactly the same thing so you’re not going to particularly stand out. Why not do something different such a video podcast? Using non- traditional media is a real chance for you to describe the position and your company. After all it’s normally a lot easier to talk about something as appose to writing about it. Having a job advertisement on video also makes it a lot easier for people to share. Not only will this strategy differentiate you from all the other accountancy practices desperate for new staff, it will also make you more appealing to the cream of the crop candidates.

2. Offer Flex Time

Many people find themselves pressed to take care of their children or elderly parents. As an employer you need to recognize that people are looking for a balance between their work and their family lives. Flexitime is a high priority for a lot of people. They want to be able to adapt their schedules to what they have going on outside work. For example parents with children at school might want to start work later than usual say 10am so they can drop their children off beforehand, they also might want to leave at an earlier time of 3pm in order to collect the children as well. This is something to really bare in mind when recruiting as it stops your search for candidates becoming limited.

3. Consider past candidates

Former rejections could make great hires now. There was obviously something about these people that caused you to take time out to interview them in the first place, but for some reason at that particular time it wasn’t a good fit. Perhaps their salary requirements were too high, or they simply just weren’t ideal for that other position. If you think they would be good for this opportunity why not reach out to them now and see if they’re interested. Even if they are no longer interested they might be able to recommend some people for the job.

4. Referral Incentives.

Everyone knows that referrals are the best way of gaining new business. This can be the same with recruiting new employees. Current employee’s referrals can be excellent sources when it comes to finding potential candidates. Don’t limit yourself though to just asking your employees open it up to third parties such as suppliers, customers or even the general public. The more people you have searching for you the more choice you’ll have when filling positions. Don’t forget to offer an incentive to people who are sending people your way as well. If you do end up hiring someone they referred a financial reward is normally given. If the referrer is an employee instead of a financial reward you could do something different. E.g increase their holiday entitlement or even give them the prime parking spot for a year etc. Another great way to spread the word about your open vacancy externally is to include a note in your email signature indicating that you’re hiring and what you’re looking for this will get the word out there and also saves you time emailing and calling people individually.

5. Growth Is Key

In an ideal world an employee will stay with you for the majority of their career. However nowadays this seems to be becoming very rare. A lot of people will leave for another employer after just a couple of years. Recruiting new members of staff is time consuming and costly. So, it is better to help your employees stay for the long term. The majority of people are interested in knowing how a firm can help them to achieve their long-term career goals. Whether that’s progressing within the company in terms of position, or giving the employer a real chance to expand their skill set or taking an educational course of some sort. It’s really important that you’re able to show the potential employee that there is growth potential for them in your business.

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