GI Outsourcing is an award winning accounts outsourcing company with over 21 years’ experience. We have helped several hundreds of clients both in the UK and Ireland and internationally, improve their profitability and solve their resourcing headaches by outsourcing their finance and accounting work to us. In fact we are proud to work with 18 in the top 100 and 3 in the top 20 UK accountancy practices.

We opened our doors as Global Infosys back in 1991 as the brain child of a top accountancy firm who wanted to be able to cost effectively outsource their clients’ compliance work. From these humble beginnings with 2 employees based in India and 2 in the UK we now have a team of over 200 servicing clients internationally.

We offer a comprehensive accounts outsourcing service, with a variety of different service packages to suit your company’s needs. Our key services include BookkeepingManagement AccountsSMART ServicesStatutory AccountsPayroll, Taxation and GI Cloud Consultancy. As well as working with Accountants we have also worked with a diverse range of SME’s, but have a strong specialism in the Hospitality, Legal, Recruitment, Property and Healthcare industries.

Our offices meet ISO standards for security (27001) and quality (9001) management systems, and are GDPR compliant via the BS 10012:2017 framework.

As you can imagine with a global workforce we have people from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and a diverse range of beliefs.

Every employee at GI Outsourced Business Solutions
is committed to:

  • We know that you trust us with your most valuable assets, your clients, so we return your trust by making sure that every piece of work we deliver is high quality and accurate, and delivered when we said we would deliver it.
  • Keeping our promises, whether they are large or small
  • That our role is to free up your time, by taking away your day-to-day financial activities so you can focus on your business and personal needs
  • Delivering a service which works for you. This means that there are no long term contractual tie-ups and we will quote a fixed fee. Regardless of how long it actually takes us to do the work.
  • We are only as good as our last job, which means we consistently deliver a high quality service to our clients. We know that we are often trusted to be the back office for our clients, which means we have to deliver a good quality job every single time.

Our Value proposition is our PROMISE to staff and clients, to work in a way that makes their working lives easier, more efficient and pleasant.

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    People are where our strength lies

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    Reliable and trustworthy

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    Offering cost effective solutions

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    Managing expectations

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    International support

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    Service oriented

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    Empowering our staff

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionise the way traditional outsourcing works. Not to be restricted by boarders or cultures, but to be a truly Globally Interconnected solutions provider.

Our Mission

We will achieve our brand vision by: Enriching the working lives of others through enhanced efficiencies, innovation, automation and expertise.

Contact us today and transform your least
profitable client into a profitable one.

GI Academy

Working with GI means you will have the support you need to accomplish your long-term ambitions and goals, with a structured training programme to help you reach your full potential.

The GI Academy ensures that trainees and leaders of the future have full access to a range of training courses to enhance their skills and acquire additional expertise.

Course Overview

Our courses encompass people management skills, feedback sharing, technical training, persuasion skills and access to external professional qualifications to ensure that you are fully equipped to progress your career ambitions with confidence.

At GI Academy, we’re here to help you achieve your maximum potential.

To find out more about a career with GI or the GI Academy, please get in touch with us.