Add the capacity to expand geographically with GI Outsourcing

The stories of many successful single-office accountancy practices go something like this:

  1. Established by an experienced accountant as a sole practitioner or by a small number of partners;
  2. Enjoy rapid growth fuelled by word-of-mouth recommendations based on a great personal service
  3. Employ staff and acquire office premises; and then
  4. Continue to grow with expanded or new premises and gradually add more staff.

However, there comes a point – especially for those based in towns rather than cities – when a practice will have secured a substantial slice of the local market and the prospects for winning new clients will start to decline.

At that point, the logical move in growing a practice is to expand into a neighbouring town. However, such a move is likely to be risky as a reputation built in one location will not necessarily carry over into a different town, even one relatively nearby.

It can also be expensive to secure new premises and recruit staff in a new location, as well as being very time-consuming for the Partners.

At GI Outsourcing, our flexible accounts outsourcing solutions offer a highly effective way of mitigating some of these risks and enabling you to establish your practice in a new town or area without needing to invest in sizeable premises and extensive recruitment at the outset.

We can step in to take up some of the workload generated from your existing location to free-up Partner and staff time to focus on developing your practice at the new location.

Whatever your growth strategy, our team of UK-based account managers can work with you to create a bespoke arrangement to support your expansion plans.

For an initial discussion, please contact us today.

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