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You’ll find the Circus Starr logo on the front page of our website and if you’ve ever received an email from a member of the GI team you’ll probably of noticed it as part of our signature. So what exactly is Circus Starr?

Circus Starr is a touring circus boasting world-class, professional artists from across the globe. It was first founded in 1987 to help raise much needed funds for local charities whilst providing free seats for thousands of disadvantaged, disabled or vulnerable children.Through its unique network of partner charities and local businesses, Circus Starr provides over £1.3 million worth of free tickets to children, their families and community groups throughout the UK every year.

Circus Starr is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to support local businesses and local children’s charities through a 75 venue tour hosted three times a year. A Social Enterprise with children at its heart, Circus Starr operates a unique Donated Ticket Programme that allows thousands of children to attend free shows thanks to the generous support of local businesses who, in turn, enjoy the opportunity to ‘give back’ to their communities.

They help:

Local Businesses – Giving local businesses the opportunity to ‘give something back’ and support their communities by buying and donating tickets for disadvantaged children and families in their area.

Local Charities – They work with over 70 charities that have benefited from more than £900,000 of additional funds raised by Circus Starr over the past 12 years.

Community Groups – They work with children’s hospices and hospitals, Young Carers, Foster homes, SEN schools, Women’s Refuges as well as a range of charities supporting vulnerable children.

Myself and my colleague Jarmila were lucky enough to attend the show (she took her two children along and they loved it!) It was a great show and was lovely to see all the children enjoying themselves. I even made some new friends (see below, all part of the job!)

If you want to increase visibility within your community Circus Starr is definitely for you. They helped us advertise our brand and even handed out our brochures at the end of the show! It really is a fantastic way for people to engage in something as a family or community group and it’s a great feeling knowing your a part of it as well.

If this is something you think your company could be a part of please head over the the website for more information and the relevant contact details.

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