Draw upon the assistance of a bigger pool of expertise with GI Outsourcing

In addition to the benefits our outsourcing services offer in terms of cost and time savings, another important benefit we offer is the ability to draw upon a much larger pool of talent than mid-size accountancy firms generally can.

If a client in a niche sector or subject to specialist accounting rules instructs you, our services can save you the cost of referring a potentially lucrative client elsewhere.

Our large team includes accountants experienced in a wide range of sector-specific accounting rules that can save you turning important work away.

As well as enabling you to retain important clients with niche requirements, our pool of expertise gives you the option to market niche services without the costs and risks of recruitment and expanding your premises.

This benefit is compounded by our flexible contracts, meaning that you have the option to experiment with offering different specialist services to understand which might work best commercially for your practice.

Our large pool of expertise, flexible contracts and the ability to free up your time to focus on practice development mean that our services can be the cornerstone of growth strategies for any practice.

Contact us today to find out how your practice can benefit from these great benefits.

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