Loss leader no more

Very few accountancy firms actually make a profit from their payroll service. Instead, payroll is often considered a loss leader, serving only to retain and serve clients’ interests. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We work with accountancy firms to make payroll services profitable. Reduce overheads, save time and money and boost client retention by outsourcing your payroll function to us.

What’s included?


Cloud-Powered Payroll




Weekly or Monthly Payslips


Full Compliance with Employment Legislation


HMRC Submissions

How it works

  • Accountants create a log in with a dedicated email address on their server for GI to access the Payroll data.

  • GI logs into the accountants server to process the payroll at the pre agreed date in the month.

  • GI reviews the Payroll.

  • Approved by accountant.

  • Payroll reports are issued End of year P35 (if required)
    Joiners & leavers P45
    P60 Reports.

  • GI adds reports to the client portal/cloud OR the reports are emailed to the payroll manager and individuals.

Why choose to outsource to us?


of working
with us

Quality and accuracy guaranteed – We’re trusted by hundreds of accountancy firms to complete their payroll services to the highest quality, on time, every time.

Retain clients – Clients prefer to use an accountancy supplier who can provide a full service – that includes payroll.

Data at the touch of a button – All work completed by the Smart Finance department is uploaded to the cloud, accessible anywhere, at any time, by approved team members. No more worrying, no more waiting.

Data secure – We take every possible precaution to secure your data. All of your information is safely and securely stored off-site, accessible only by approved team members.

Technology partners – We work with all major accountancy software suppliers, including Xero, Quickbooks, Freeagent,  Sage, Dext, Autoentry, Hubdoc, Iris, Digita, Taxcalc, VT and many more.

Contact us today and transform your least
profitable client into a profitable one.