“We know how important payroll is for our clients’ businesses” says Lauren Harvey, Managing Director of Full Stop, an accountancy firm that has been serving clients since 2011.

As accountants, Full Stop help their clients understand and use their financial data to improve their business models and reach greater levels of success.

Lauren is proud that her firm offers monthly insights, high standards of bookkeeping, and end-to-end accounting services to all her clients.

As a smaller firm, keeping on top of payroll management can be an complicated process. So, Lauren took the bold decision to outsource her payroll responsibilities and now utilises GI’s services, reaping all the benefits they bring.

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Outsourcing to GI has allowed Lauren and her team more time to review their clients’ processes with them to make sure they are getting timely and accurate payrolls.

Her clients see her firm as a “comfort blanket.” She always provides the experienced and reassuring advice that they require. Whilst she had some reservations to begin with, her firm has been going from strength to strength since she employed GI’s diligent payroll specialists.

“Initially when I said I was offshoring payroll there was reluctance. My team was asking questions like ‘what does that mean for us?’

“But we trusted it. We gave it time and we allowed GI to become part of the team.

“Now we know the job is being done to a high standard, we can provide a fully encompassed service to our clients.”

Full Stop began working with GI after their business model changed during the pandemic and the firm wanted to continue to provide end-to-end accounting services.

“We wanted to make sure we remained effective from a client point of view as well as ensuring our processes and procedures were repeatable and scalable without taking on more staff.”

Full Stop also had problems recruiting suitable employees to fill the roles that GI could easily supply.

“There was a shortage of people to be honest. We didn’t know whether to risk taking on less experienced people in this country or outsource to more experienced people elsewhere.

“The employees at GI follow a process and are reliable. They are professional and they lend themselves to hard work.”

She says that the team in India working for GI even have a face-to-face relationship with the Full Stop team back in the UK. This is highly reassuring for a manager looking to create a productive and effective office environment.

“We glimpse into each other’s lives, from both sides” says Lauren. “We have even seen the Himalayas in the background whilst video calling!

“It’s nice to know that amongst all that professionalism and willingness to work there is also a human element to outsourcing. It is great that the team over there gets to integrate into the team here too!”

Lauren says that GI helps Full Stop achieve its goal to support businesses and encourage them to flourish through accounting practices and advice.

“We are still passionate that business is a force for good. We love helping people follow their passion in business by providing the security of knowing we are alongside them.

“And that is the same for us. We are a business too. It feels good to know that GI is there, supporting us.”

GI works with accountancy firms, like Full Stop, to reduce overheads, save time and money and boost client retention by outsourcing their payroll function.

Payroll is a large and usually unprofitable responsibility, so many accountants take comfort in outsourcing it to GI.

“I think the comfort I take from GI comes from the fact that they are taking the lion’s share of the work, which has given us more clarity and head space. GI have really taken on one of the most important layers of the work that we do here.”

Now that GI has joined Lauren’s team at Full Stop, she has more time to manage her business and provide the highest level of care to her clients. Outsourcing payroll has really benefited her company.

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