How can outsourcing help you handle an uneven workload without compromising profitability?

One of the most common features of accountancy is the uneven workload over the year – but can outsourcing help you handle this without compromising your profitability?

Accountancy is an unusual profession not just because of the uneven workload, but also because the nature of that work means that it’s simply not possible to hire numerous temporary workers to cope with the workload during exceptionally busy periods.

There isn’t the workforce available with the requisite experience and qualifications to bring in temporarily, which means that there is a trade-off between employing enough staff to cope with the busy season while also employing more staff than might be needed throughout the rest of the year.

With accountancy practices benefiting from the introduction of cloud accounting systems which have increased efficiency, new problems have emerged.

Because, rather than enabling a more reasonable workload, evened out over the year, it is more likely to increase capacity overall, which will then be filled quickly.

This highlights that cloud accounting isn’t the cure-all solution that it may initially seem. Resourcing headaches could be solved through a different solution – outsourcing.

This is where GI Outsourcing stands out. Rather than providing an increase in overall capacity, outsourcing provides a specific, targeted increase in capacity where it’s needed most.

Our flexible contract options, including fixed-fee, pay-as-you-go and a dedicated resource model, means that increasing capacity generally OR when demand peaks, is both feasible and cost-effective.

To find out how GI Outsourcing can help solve your resourcing headaches and provide you with the outsourcing solutions you need, get in touch with our expert team today.

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