How Do I Get Started?

In essence, this is very easy. To start, all you need to do is pick one client who you know you will be doing their year end accounts in the next month. The best client to pick is one:

Who you may struggle to make a profit on. That way if it all goes wrong, which is incredibly unlikely, you don’t jeopardise a good client relationship.
You may dread doing this client’s accounts. Let us take the burden and show you how easy we can make completing the work for you.
Whose accounts will take under 2 days to complete.

The next stage is to organise a time to agree a project plan with us. That way you still keep control of the process and we can deliver on your timelines. We often take under an hour to get the trial job project plan agreed.

If you would like, we will give you a member of our team to help you run the trial job process for you on your premises.

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