“How to service any size client regardless of the size of your practice”

Ok. I admit it. The title of this blog post contains a slight exaggeration. The underlying truth however is that you can provide accounting services to larger clients than you might otherwise have thought. 

The weird thing is that this shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

I have lost track of how many sole practitioners and two-partner firms of accountants try to hide how small their firms are. Their websites sometimes inflates the number years of experience and their size.  This approach is a common mistake, in my view, for two reasons.

Avoiding direct reference to the practice owners misses a trick.

Most people want to know WHO they are going to work with. They are more inclined to contact a named person and especially if there is a photo of who that person is on the website and some profile information introducing them.

Accountants who update their website to address these points often tell me that they have subsequently received more enquiries than they did previously.

It’s a mistake to pretend to be a larger firm.

Sooner or later it will become apparent that this was misleading. And that’s hardly a positive way to start a professional relationship. Clients don’t like to think they have been conned. 

Whenever I ask accountants why they are trying to come across as bigger than they really are, they tell me that they want to attract larger clients. That there are some who will be put off if they knew how small their firm really is. The consequence is that many smaller firms of accountants struggle to win and service those clients that want more than simply a compliance focused service.

In many instances, once this work has been done the accountant has no time to review things, offer advice or help growing clients plan how they will achieve their strategic business objectives. You will certainly find it harder to be referred to, attract and win larger clients if you have little experience of success with other similar clients. 

Outsourcing is a reliable option to help service larger clients

The theoretically attractive idea of taking on more and bigger clients can quickly become a nightmare. This is what happens when there is too much work to do and you have insufficient support. 

There is a solution. And it’s one I am sure I would have adopted if I were running my own accounting firm. Outsourcing.  If you choose a reliable and well established accounts outsourcer, like Global Infosys, you really can service larger clients than might otherwise be the case. Global Infosys has a dedicated UK based account management team who will help you identify the support you need from the outsourcing team. And you can start passing them work immediately.

No delays while you try to do everything yourself, recruit or induct new members of staff or any of the related challenges. 

Why do it any other way? 

Mark Lee – accountancy focussed speaker, mentor and influencer 

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