Keeping control of the process and quality

Many of our clients are initially sceptical about the quality of our work and losing control of their client work. Of course, we would tell you that this will not be a problem. However, this is what our client Tout and Brew had to say about working with us:

“As you can imagine, choosing to outsource our accounts prep work was a big change for us. Initially, we could only think about reasons why it would go wrong. After all, we didn’t want to risk any of our long term client relationships to save a few bucks. We had acted for these clients for many years and they had shown remarkable trust and loyalty in all of them asking us to continue to act for them in our new company Tout and Brew Limited. We spent a long time with Arun and his team understanding how it would work with them becoming our back office and in effect, our staff. They were incredibly patient and we decided to go ahead partly because their 15+ years of experience and credibility with the firms that they work for already. It gives us peace of mind that their UK staff are only a phone call away”

Here is how you keep control of the work we do:

  • We provide a weekly status report. Within the next 12 months you will be able to track progress of all your jobs via an online portal

  • We have in place a staff exchange programme between our large clients and our indian operation. Every year we take clients across to our Indian office for them to see and meet key personnel in India.

  • You will be given a dedicated team to service your work. That way you will always know who you are talking to at the other end of the phone.

  • Our Indian operation works UK hours. That means you will always be able to get hold of either someone in our UK Headquarters or Indian operation to discuss your client’s work at a time convenient for you.

  • We agree in advance the work you will be sending us and when it needs to be delivered
  • Part of how we work with all our clients is to get feedback on each job to help us improve our services
  • Each of our clients has a regular update meeting, at partner and manager levels, where we discuss how the relationship is working
  • We agree in advance how we will communicate to your clients. For many of our clients we don’t talk with their clients. In fact, for many of our accountancy client’s clients, they don’t even realise that we have prepared their accounts for them. You can rest assured that we wouldn’t be talking to your clients without your express permission.
  • Global Infosys actually evolved from an accountancy practice, and they still happen to be one of our top 3 clients. This means that you know that we have been built with quality at the heart of what we do.

  • ISO 9001 certified, which is the internationally recognised standard of quality
  • Every piece of work is reviewed twice by a quality control team
  • The feedback we get on each job helps us improve our quality even further
  • Probably the best way to reassure about the quality of our work, is the quality of our client list. We wouldn’t still be working with 25 Uk accountancy firms in the top 75 and 3 firms in the UK top 20 if we didn’t consistently deliver a high quality job every single time.

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