London-based client flinder puts the spotlight on the firm’s strategic approach to outsourcing

“There’s this perception of ‘why would you outsource? It’s never going to go well”, says Alastair Barlow, founding partner at London-based flinder, adding “I hear people who I really respect who are running great firms and they will say ‘oh, outsourcing, we’d never do that – never, never do outsourcing’.”

This captures, in a nutshell, some of the classic reasons accountants give for resisting outsourcing and offshoring, which often revolve around an outdated perception of the practice as being a bit of a blunt instrument to drive short-term profit at the expense of everything else.

“I think outsourcing and offshoring have moved on significantly from 20 years ago when banks would do it and you would call up and it would be a terrible experience,” says Alastair.

However, Alastair’s firm, flinder, which he founded with Luke Streeter, when the duo left senior positions in PwC to set up their own firm, is a case in point of the wider benefits that outsourcing can deliver when used strategically.

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