Making up lost revenue

Webinar – 12 May at 11.00 am

In a recent Poll, 80% of small accountancy firms predicted that over 10% of their clients’ businesses are at risk as a result of the Coronavirus Crisis. If this is the case how will you make up that lost revenue?

In this webinar, we have asked Heather Townsend, founder of The Accountants Millionaires’ Club to share with us her insight on what clients are wanting from their accountant right now and how best to market yourself without coming across as crass, tone deaf or too salesy. In fact Heather will be taking you through the same techniques we adopted at GI which helped our business nearly triple in size in 7 years.

Heather is going to cover these areas on the webinar:

  • How to generate more income from your existing clients without putting in place a price rise, even if marketing or sales is not your firm’s strong point
  • How to get your clients to pay for more services which they need without seen to be profiteering or ambulance chasing
  • What marketing your firm can do right now which is going to cause new good clients to flock to your firm
  • How to create the time to make sure your marketing happens, even if you are overwhelmed by client calls and work right now

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