Practising what we preach means we offer a better service

We have all probably heard of the phrase ‘practise what you preach’ meaning to do the things that you advise other people to do.

Otherwise, criticism could be levelled at you like: “What a hypocrite! He never practises what he preaches.”

We are also too well aware of the stresses and strains in business, which often means that phrase is true.

For instance, when bosses tell employees they must take their allotted time off, work sensible hours and take regular holidays but then frown when it happens.

Time off discouraged

This has been put in the spotlight by a survey which found that over half of employees (60 per cent) have said their employer actively discourages them from taking time off.

The survey, by Just Eat for Business, found that 22 per cent of office workers were unable to take annual leave as a result of staff shortages and reduced resources.

Even when taking annual leave, a quarter (26 per cent) of office workers felt unable to enjoy their time as they were being contacted by their employers to help cover unplanned staff absences and excessive workloads.

Delegation helps to avoid burnout

Quite often the boss is the worst culprit. Instead of putting in endless hours, with the risk of burnout, important work can be delegated to others, allowing people to develop their professional skills and creating a sense of loyalty.

That can be achieved with good management, but also by allowing much of the work to be outsourced to the likes of GI.

At GI we like to think we practise what we preach and look after members of staff. That means physical and mental health is important.

In recent weeks, we have embarked upon activities to ensure the good health of our employees.

Helping motivate workers

Not only is this beneficial to them, but it is good for the company and excellent news for clients who benefit from inspired, well-motivated staff.

Our commitment to ensuring the good health of our employees was evident as we participated in the famous Endurance run, an annual 10k marathon event where more than 500 runners participate in Mumbai.

Looking after the wellbeing of staff

In addition, a more sedate session also proved beneficial for staff when we took part and celebrated International Yoga Day 2022.

Yoga is a mind and body practice. Various styles of yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation and get rid of stress and anxiety.

It was an amazing session in our offices led by yoga experts. It shows the health of our team is important. That means accountants working with us can be assured of a first-class service, whether through support with compliance work or expert help with cloud-based technology.

At GI you can rest assured we practise what we preach.

Contact our UK-based team of account managers today to find out how we can help your firm.

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