Promoting wellbeing while working from home

While some people will enjoy the benefits of working from home such as swapping a long-distance commute for an amble to their home-office or kitchen table, recent research has found increased levels of stress and depression amongst some workers.

BBC News recently featured tips from a range of medical, mental health and wellbeing experts on working from home, while minimising the potential downsides.

Amongst the top tips featured for working from home are:

  • Making sure you get enough light by putting your desk close to a window;
  • Minimising noise, whether by using soft furnishings, earplugs or headphones;
  • Decluttering your surroundings to ensure you are not over-stimulated;
  • Standing up to work, rather than sitting down, or going for regular walks if that is not possible;
  • Having plants and other natural objects around your workspace; and
  • Ensuring you have some social contact beyond Zoom, where allowed by the restrictions in place.

With several months of restrictions still likely to be ahead of us and working from home likely to become a more permanent feature in future, it is not too late to put steps in place to promote your wellbeing while working from home.

Link: Coronavirus: How to be happier while working from home

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