How to remain in control & ensure high-quality work when outsourcing

There are two concerns that come up in conversation quite regularly when discussing the move to outsourcing:
Will I be able to remain in control of the work?
Will the quality be as high as when we complete the jobs ourselves?

Below are a number of ways that Global Infosys ensure you stay in control & get high-quality work:

• We provide a weekly status report – over the next 12 months you will be able to track progress of all of your jobs via an online portal.

• You will be given a dedicated team to service your work – you will always know who you are talking to at the other end of the phone and who is completing the job.

• Our Indian office works in UK hours – you will always be able to get hold of either someone in our UK Headquarters or Indian operation to discuss your client’s work at times that are convenient for you and your business.

• We agree in advance the work and its deadlines.

• We ask for feedback on each job so that we can maintain the highest standards.

• Each of our clients have regular update meeting, at partner and manager levels, to discuss how the relationship is working.

• We agree in advance how we will communicate with your clients. For many of our clients, we don’t actually talk with their clients. In fact, for many of our accountancy clients, their clients do not even realise that we prepare their accounts for them. You can rest assured that we wouldn’t talk to your clients without your express permission.

• Global Infosys actually evolved from an accountancy practice, and they still happen to be one of our top 3 clients. This means that you know that we have been built with quality at the heart of what we do.

• We are ISO 9001 certified, which is the internationally recognised standard of quality.

• Every piece of work is reviewed twice by a quality control team.

• Probably the best way to be reassured about the quality of our work is to ask about the quality of our client list. We work 25 UK accountancy firms in the top 75 and 3 firms in the UK top 20.

• Global Infosys puts a large emphasis on client servicing – we maintain continuous contact between account manager and client to ensure the highest quality of work.

• We have in place a staff exchange programme between our large clients and our Indian operation. Every year we take clients across to our Indian office for them to see and meet key personnel in India and see how the operations are run.

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