Increased efficiency

“It gives me great pleasure to confirm our satisfaction with your company’s services during the last eighteen months or so. When I visited your offices I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of your surroundings. Your offices are modern, clean and well equipped to service the needs of an international clientele. We have never experienced any delays in your services due to equipment or infrastructure failure.

We are very pleased with the quality of the output produced by your team. We particularly appreciate the fact that you try to assign our work to the same member of your team, to the extent possible. We realize that we are probably your only Canadian customer; yet, you and your team became very quickly familiar with our accounting and tax requirements. I am sure that some of these are unique to our country.

Working with your office allowed us to become more efficient in the delivery of services to our clients. Although we have not reduced our staffing level (as this has not been our motivating factor in outsourcing to your office), we are able to increase our turnaround time. This reduces costs and increases efficiency. We made our clients aware of the fact that some their work may be executed in India, and we have had no resistance from them.”

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