Scale rapidly

Given our backgrounds, outsourcing and offshoring were always going to form a key component to our overall client delivery model. After an RFP process, GI were our favoured partner and we’ve been working successfully with them for about 18 months now. We started our relationship by outsourcing statutory accounts and corporation tax compliance which is a relatively defined process and a low-risk start to working with GI as we could wrap our internal quality assurance around. It also meant we could leverage this FRS Centre of Excellence while we were still a small team.

About 6 months after our relationship started, we developed our delivery model to include SOS model and began offshoring with our first FTE based in India, and shortly afterwards added another FTE; we’re looking for a third imminently. The offshore model compared to the outsource model gives us more control and direction on what our team in India are working on and it’s seen as integral to our teams based in London and Belfast.

As a business it’s enabled us to scale rapidly with this distributed model. While offshoring has a number of advantages, the slight difference in time zone to the UK means we can leverage a longer day and pass work from one time zone to another and get more out of any single day. We see it as fundamental to our team structure and a key component of our business growth.

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