UK Employment vs Outsourcing – how big is the cost difference?

Having UK employed staff is important. They are able to interpret client information with the benefit of local knowledge and an established working relationship with the client. They are also in a position to meet with clients and to give advice face-to-face.

However, these benefits are not always necessary and they come at a very substantial cost to any practice.

Our team has crunched the numbers to find out exactly how costly it is to enjoy the advantages of UK employment instead of outsourcing.

We have created a series of documents showing how much it really costs to recruit and retain for two years UK employed bookkeepers, accounts and tax juniors and accounts and tax seniors.

We estimate that the real cost of employing UK staff can be more than twice the cost of their salary.

In contrast, outsourcing with GI can save you up to 70 per cent of the true cost of UK employment.

For jobs that do not require local knowledge or in person contact, outsourcing with GI offers unparalleled value for money.

To find out more about how GI outsourcing can benefit your practice, contact our UK-based account management team now.

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