As your trusted outsourced audit solution, GI brings you in-depth expertise, cost-effective solutions, and regulatory compliance so you can redirect your resources to core operations while we handle your audits.

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Why choose GI for outsourced auditing?


of working
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Cost-effective: Say goodbye to the expenses associated with maintaining an in-house audit team.

Collaboration: We work as part of your team to understand your needs and deliver support and solutions.

Client care: We treat your clients as if they were our own to deliver an exceptional, supportive service.

Compliance: GI keeps up to date with the latest changes in regulations.

Tailored service: Our audit offshoring services are customisable to meet your needs.

Streamline operations: Free up your team to concentrate on core activities.

What you do

Introduction: You introduce the client to us and provide a scope of the requirements

What we do



We start by understanding your organisation’s goals, regulatory requirements, and audit objectives.


Our experts craft a tailored audit plan, outlining key milestones, timelines, and deliverables.


GI’s seasoned auditors conduct comprehensive audit work, ensuring accuracy and compliance at every step.


You’ll receive detailed reports and actionable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions.


We provide ongoing support, addressing any questions or concerns and helping you implement necessary improvements.

The flexibility of our model allows for two options:

Working directly with one or multiple members of the team covering the typical 9-month Audit cycle.

Working directly with one or multiple members of the team covering a 12-month cycle utilising their time outside of Audit for YE Accounts work.

Partner with GI to optimise your financial integrity, enhance compliance, and allow your organisation to thrive.

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