Use effective onboarding to avoid the ‘great resignation’

A new member of staff is starting soon, an exciting and nervous time for the newcomer and a challenge for accountancy firm management.

The onboarding process is key, especially with talented newcomers who the business will not want to fall victim to the so-called ‘great resignation.’

This is where several sectors have endured a mass exodus of talent in recent months as the impact of the pandemic continues to wane.

Research from employment specialists Reed, for instance, found that half of UK workers are prepared to leave their roles to access hybrid working benefits.

This means firms must now more than ever, double down on their employee retention efforts.

They must display what they have to offer, whether it be career progression, alternative career pathways providing a new challenge, learning and development, or establishing greater flexibility around how and where people will work in a post-pandemic world.

What is employee onboarding?

Onboarding new staff is the process companies go through to welcome and integrate them into the workplace, a process that extends far beyond the first day, but continues until they’ve fully adjusted to their role and team.

It allows for getting acquainted with the company culture and feeling welcomed and valued in their team.

Why is onboarding important?

If initial training and communication is poor, it can lead to demotivation. This may be one of the reasons that up to 25 per cent of new employees leave their jobs after their first three months.

This is a huge loss for a company that must repeat a costly hiring process to find a replacement.

Good onboarding means staff reach full productivity faster, so getting new employees up to speed effectively can improve your company’s employee retention. As can outsourcing parts of the accountancy process to allow these employees to flourish.

Onboarding process steps

When welcoming new staff on board there are measures, like sending them a company welcome package, arranging a team lunch or dinner with colleagues, or preparing a presentation, that will make them feel welcome.

Plan the first week

Put together a plan for their first few days on the job and check all the important boxes, like informing co-workers, setting up their workstation or informing the front desk staff about the new arrival.

Accountancy has been badly hit by staff shortages, so outsourcing many tasks to experts like GI allows firms to nurture new talent to flourish.

Based in the UK, GI is an outstanding outsourcing solution for accountants and business owners.

Drawing from a wide range of industry experts and accounting specialists, GI can fill in the gaps and help you transform unprofitable clients into profitable ones.

It’s not just compliance, GI also works with all major accountancy software suppliers, and its experts can help install and train on systems and help migrate data.

All of this allows accountants to concentrate on attracting and utilising top talent.

Contact our UK-based team of account managers today to find out how we can help your firm.

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