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That GI Video Podcast: flinder – episode 3

In this episode of That GI Video Podcast, Alastair discusses flinder’s relationship with GI, including why they’ve chosen to work with an outsourcer and how to do that in the most efficient way for your practice.

He also touches on maximising the investment with GI, and how they’ve worked alongside us as their practice has grown into what it is today.

That GI Video Podcast: flinder – episode two

We’re back, with even more superb insight from Alastair Barlow, Founding Partner of flinder, in the latest episode of That GI Video Podcast!

In this episode, Alastair discusses how Business Advisory has been a key component in the growth of flinder over the past three years.

He reveals what part it plays in their practice and how they help businesses ‘unlock’ the information and data they have to deliver clear insights into the business.

That GI Video Podcast: flinder – episode one

In this episode, we hear from Alastair Barlow just what it takes to become an award-winning accountant and the work that goes into that achievement.

Before the award comes the hard work in achieving growth in revenue, growth in client numbers, employees and maintaining high satisfaction levels.

Alistair takes us through why a multi-channel approach is necessary to achieve your goals and unpicks the story of flinder’s success through their unique approach.