Will my outsourcer provide high-quality work?

Will my outsourcer do as good a job as us?

Like any job, there are absolutely no guarantees that your chosen outsourced provider will do as good a job as your staff. But on the flip side, there are absolute no guarantees that your outsourcer wouldn’t do a BETTER job than your staff.

Part of the due diligence work that you need to do with any potential outsourced provider is understand how they ensure a quality job is delivered every single time AND how you can keep control of the process. It is normal to expect that your chosen outsourcer will have a learning curve as they learn your ways of working and what your clients like.

How can I guarantee the quality?

Many of our clients are initially sceptical about the quality of our work and losing control of their client work. Of course, we would tell you that this will not be a problem. However, this is what our client Tout and Brew had to say about working with us:
“As you can imagine, choosing to outsource our accounts prep work was a big change for us. Initially, we could only think about reasons why it would go wrong. After all, we didn’t want to risk any of our long term client relationships to save a few bucks. We had acted for these clients for many years and they had shown remarkable trust and loyalty in all of them asking us to continue to act for them in our new company Tout and Brew Limited. We spent a long time with Arun and his team understanding how it would work with them becoming our back office and in effect, our staff. They were incredibly patient and we decided to go ahead partly because their 15+ years of experience and credibility with the firms that they work for already. It gives us peace of mind that their UK staffs is only a phone call away.”

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