Will my outsource provider understand the software we use and will my clients have to be on the cloud?

These are two very common questions that we hear at Global Infosys. If this is a question that you have pondered, please read!

Will they understand all of the software we use? Are they trained? How do they access the software?
All account managers and accountants are trained in a variety of different software and so you will be supplied with the account manager and accountant that are trained in the software that your company uses.
Global Infosys accounts & account managers go on regular training courses to keep up with the latest software. If Global Infosys receive clients that use software that our accountants are not familiar with, we will send them to be trained! No matter the software, Global Infosys can do it.

The software that we currently utilise (however this list is constantly growing) at Global Infosys:
• Xero
• Sage 1
• Sage Line 50
• QuickBooks
• Digita
• Iris
• Kashflow
• FreeAgent
• Accounts Production
• Caseware

Will my clients and I need to be on the cloud?
The accounts outsourcing industry was established well before the cloud accounting systems were even a twinkle in a software developer’s eye! When Global Infosys started, over 16 years ago, we used to send and receive our client’s records via large shipping containers. Then we started to scan our clients’ documents over to our teams in India. With clients’ data now often being held up in the cloud, it means that there is no more waiting around for data to arrive. It really has radically changed our ability to deliver a quick and responsive service to our clients.
At Global Infosys we are all about helping you deliver a high-quality service to your clients at a lower cost base. Therefore, it would be remiss of us not to tell you that we find it much easier to work with clients already on the cloud. (easier = lower fees from us and quicker turnaround times) However, you tell us about how YOU want to work and we will fit around YOUR requirements.

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