What will outsourcing cost?

When outsourcing, a set of accounts could cost as little as £100. Usually, accountants charge between 7 and 10 times as much as we charge. This is how outsourcing can improve your profit margin by up to 50%.

Global Infosys charge a fixed fee, not an hourly fee. If our accountants misjudge the amount of work that needs to be done, it will be at their fault. When we quote a price, it will stay at this price no matter what.

How could I create cost-savings in my business by using an outsourced provider?

Using outsourcing within your firm gives you many opportunities to reduce your cost base, for example:

o No more recruitment agency fees
o You don’t need to pay National Insurance Contributions on your outsourced provider’s staff
o Your outsourced provider can normally produce accounts and do bookkeeping at a significantly cheaper rate, due to lower labour costs
o You may be able to downsize the office premises you require because you may need less headcount
o At Global Infosys, we normally find that we are able to help our clients improve their profit margins by up to 50%.

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