How will the structure of my business change if we decide to adopt the outsourcing model?

In the early days, there will probably be very little change with your business. We find at Global Infosys that most of our clients tend to use us initially as overflow resource to help cost-effectively resource up for their peak times.

It is as the trust develops between you and your outsourcer, that you will confidently start to change the structure of your business. For example:

•Hiring a client administrator to liaise with your clients to get the information required for your outsourced team to prepare the accounts
•Your qualified team are freed up from accounts preparation so spend more time proactively working with clients
•You will need less headcount overall
•Creating a dedicated resource to help clients with their cloud-based software installations, e.g. Xero, Receipt Bank
•Less team leaders will be needed to manage the workflow of compliance jobs. These team leaders can then be developed into a true account manager type role, who becomes the client’s day-to-day first point of contact
•You can create specialist teams, for example for complex tax planning or wealth management

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