What will my team think about outsourcing and how do I get them to embrace it?

One of the most crucial factors in beginning outsourcing is making sure that you have a team behind you to embrace the process! These are our top tips for ensuring this!

1. Find a manager to champion the cause
Train them up and make them your ‘expert’ on outsourcing. Our UK based manager will work with your manager to help onboard them and get the outsourcing process started.

2. Identify what’s in it for the team
Often staff can be worried about using an outsourcer because they are concerned about the loss of control and a reduction in quality. In extreme cases, they may be worried about the security of their own roles. It is important to allow staff to fully voice their concerns otherwise the resistance can come out in other ways and potentially sabotage getting outsourcing started. In our experience taking the time to talk to staff as a group and individual is the best way of engaging them in the process. In these conversations, we recommend talking about the benefits to them personally, e.g. less grunt work, more capacity in the team, releasing them to service clients properly.

3. Start small and gain acceptance to outsourcing
Once managers and staff can see it working and how it will work they are often more willing to embrace outsourcing. It is not uncommon for staff to have worked with outsourcers before and had a bad experience. Therefore, the best way to bring these people on board is to actually show them how it works and the fact it can work very well.

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