Eat drink and be merry, but plan for a successful 2023

The season to eat drink and make merry is upon us and as we sing about the 12 days of Christmas, and think of turkey and tinsel, it might be appropriate to deliver 12 messages about how we can make 2023 a more prosperous New Year, writes Commercial Director Ian Pick. 

So in no particular order:

Show respect

This time of the year is perfect to make sure that those you deal with are treated with respect. Whether it clients, staff or friends or anyone you meet. You probably already are, but take it forward, compliment people where appropriate and get the New Year off to a great start.

Widen your network

Some think they can work on their own, but the more people you know and engage with the better for your business. The business will not thrive and grow if you rely on the same clients you have had forever, so put yourself out there and make as many contacts as possible.

Vision drives decision

You learn from people and in business you need to know your direction of travel. I believe this involves four key elements:

  •  Target
  • Panning
  • Strategy
  • Execution

A simple strategy, but it allows for everyone to be pulling in the right direction. Make the vision as transparent as possible so everyone understands their role. With a clear vision you will make the right decisions.

Procrastination is the enemy

I find that if something in my head is telling me not to do something, I go against the grain and go for it. No one likes to speak to a meeting of 100 people or traipse to the gym on a cold wet morning, but taking the bull by the horns will bring its reward. That meeting may produce new clients and the visit to the gym will give you a feeling of well-being at the end. So take the pain and feel the gain.

The power of five

There’s an old story about ‘eating the frog’ when it comes to decision making. American writer Mark Twain’s once said: “If the first thing you do in the morning is to eat the frog, then you can continue your day with the satisfaction of knowing that this is probably the worst thing that will happen to you all day.” But instead of taking on one difficult task, take on five and you will have the jump on your competitors.

Skin in the game

Good teamwork is what makes businesses successful. Show your team that they are part of the business plan and make them aware of the aims of the business. The sum of the parts is what makes the team strong, rather than a fractured, disjointed operation that struggles.

Don’t tell them – show them

Too many people like to talk the talk, but are unable to walk the walk. By demonstrating what you excel at goes a lot further than talking about it.

Be able to show potential clients where you have helped or been successful.

Five hobbies

While the desire to earn money can loosely be described a hobby, that goal can be helped by having the right frame of mind and utilising the other four.

  • Fitness
  • Knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Positive mindset

Being involved in all these areas leads to wellbeing both physically and mentally and increases your chances of success in the business world.

What’s next?

Many businesses spend too much time chasing a potential client who keeps fobbing them off. It’s time to say what’s next? Cut your losses, save time and move on to the next project. There will be plenty of other opportunities. Use your desire for growth to increase profitability.

Open to opportunities

Always keep an open mind and do not dismiss ideas which at first do not seem to have value. Ten minutes might be all it takes to develop something from what seemed like nothing into a real opportunity.

Lombardi time

Vince Lombardi was one of the most successful American football coaches. His principle of ‘Fifteen Minutes Early’ principle applied to being consistent all of the time at the very highest level. He used to tell his players to show up for practice at least 15 minutes early. Any later than that and they would be considered late. It was key to their success. Lombardi time can serve a valuable function in the life of a successful businessperson as well. Get ahead and stay ahead.

Improve incrementally

Small, incremental changes can lead to exponential success. Always strive to go the little step further. Sport is a classic example. When Dave Brailsford became head of British Cycling in 2002, he took a team that had won one gold medal in its history to an avalanche of gold medals at subsequent Olympic Games.

He gambled that if the team improved each element by one per cent, they would achieve an exponential increase in performance. He was right.

Finally, on behalf of the GI team, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let’s make 2023 special.

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