As the pressure builds, outsourcing can take the heat off

The heat has also been on recently, literally with a heatwave, rail strikes and the continuing problems with staff shortages across the UK.

If you’re lucky enough to have soaked up the sun, many have adapted to the lack of rail travel in many ways with vehicle sharing, two wheels, crashing down with friends nearer the workplace or even Shanks’ Pony.

But a significant number will have reverted to working from home.

The home becomes a business environment

With a laptop, a phone and an internet connection, many tasks can be performed as adequately as in an office.

While returning to the office is a must for many, the rail strike has shown that this kind of flexibility can keep the wheels of industry in the UK turning, when businesses are disrupted.

Usually, this takes a hybrid form with a few days in the office and a couple working from home, or vice versa.

For accountants working from home, it can allow pretty much all of the benefits, without some of the office distractions, but obviously missing some of the interaction.

How can accountants plot a career path?

But the heat is still on, with staffing shortages and quite often with bright young recruits desperately looking for a career path to the top of their profession.

This is often because they are bogged down with compliance work, dealing with VAT, payroll, tax returns etc. These are important areas and need careful attention, but a motivated workforce can be competent in this and take on areas like strategic thinking, problem-solving, thinking outside the box and having a handle on the latest cloud technology.

Accounts face ever-increasing volumes of data and pressures to streamline while at the same time attempting to grow and embrace technology.

To tackle these pressures, the keen young accountants can support more senior staff with building the business, even when working from home.

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